Mouse Creek Quilts has been a long time dream of the owner, Claire Berg. This dream
started to become a reality when a series of unique opportunities presented
themselves she took the chance and started the quilt shop. Mouse Creek Quilts has
been in business since 2006. First as a longarm quilting business, and then in 2007
began moving into the current building in Howell, as a full-service Quilt Shop.

Claire has been quilting since she was 17 years old, and has always looked for new and
innovative quilting techniques. She has created quilts in the traditional method, free
motion quilting, has dyed her own fabrics, and experimented with many other
techniques. She has shown her quilts at the New Jersey Quilter's Guild Show and
Brookdale Community College's Art Gallery.

Claire has been doing needlearts since she was a little girl. She does embroidery,
crewel, needlepoint, crocheting and knitting. She remembers fondly sitting by her
Ferman Grandmother and learning many of these skills. She is willing to teach classes
in any or all of the techniques.

To round out the picture, Claire is a Certified Chef, a Registered Dietitian, and has
been teaching at Brookdale for 32 years in the food service management, interior
design, and  business departments.

Her vision is to create a place where quilters can come together, socialize, exchange
ideas, enjoy the company of other quilters, and most of all, have fun!

Welcome to Mouse Creek Quilts!
Why am I so short?

This is my Aunt Ne, that recently passed away.
I am so happy that I had the time to spend with
her in October! Kat recently married her love,
Johnny. I'm waiting for some little ones!
Our family on a recent visit to
Nebraska for Steve's 30th birthday! Go Big Red!!
Bob and I graduated from there 31 years ago!!
No fair figuring out how old we are. It was graduate school if that helps. :)
Claire on her recent cruise with Bob to the Eastern
Caribbean. This one's for you, Eileen!
(There were a lot more than 11)
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